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Just post us your tapes and we do the rest! All this is included in the DVD price:

Transferring video tape to DVD is easy with our services.

  • High quality professional custom made DVD's.

  • Each DVD has a main menu to access each tape, with Chapter access points every 5 Minutes.

  • Give each tape title, we can add this on screen & also print it on the DVD & Cover. We also print a digital still photo from your videos and print these directly onto your DVD's (not a cheap sticky label).

  • All DVD's are supplied in a full sized DVD cases  with your title and photo printed on your sleeve! (Your DVD's will look just like a Hollywood DVD you would buy in the shops, But with your family Video Footage on them!).

  • No extra charge for combining more than one tape on the same DVD, only pay for the combined total running times. Even different tape formats can be combined onto the same DVD.

  • Free Conversion from overseas formats (USA etc) NTSC to PAL, absolutely no hidden additional charges for conversion from camcorder tapes or other video formats like NTSC camcorder formats!

  • All Video formats accepted (VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, 8mm, Betamax, V2000 etc)

  • Broadcast & professional tape formats have no extra charge (U-Matic, DV-Cam, BetacamSP, HDV).

  • A Choice of DVD-R or DVD+R is available. (95% of all customers order DVD-R)

Here is your most frequently asked question:

Q.  Why are your prices so low?  You only get what you pay for, Right?

A.  Wrong, It never ceases to amaze us that some of you are still willing to pay 25+ to other companies for DVD conversions. (our competitors are still advertising so someone is still paying over the odds!)  Other companies often have re-sellers who add their own mark up. We also buy our high quality DVD's and materials in bulk and pass the savings on in our low prices. Be assured we only use high quality branded blank media and all our additional features are included in the price.

e-mail:  for more information.

Not sure which format you need? Try out both a DVD-R & DVD+R for just 10 deposit.

Don't know what the difference is? Then why not order our Twin DVD Pack online via our secure server for immediate dispatch. This handy pack contains both a DVD+R and a DVD-R for just 10 deposit. This is the two main formats used for domestic DVD players, but some players may not be compatible with one or the other, so order this first just to be safe! Your 10 will be fully refunded when you return the pack to us, either on it own for a full refund or return it with your order and deduct 10 from your total! It also lets you see our fantastic artwork and customised DVD printing for yourself!

All our Example Packs contain both a DVD-R and a DVD+R disc so you will know for sure which type you need to order! This option also lets you see our excellent artwork options and will help you choose your own custom layouts!    All our Example Packs contain both a DVD-R and a DVD+R disc so you will know for sure which type you need to order! This option also lets you see our excellent artwork options and will help you choose your own custom layouts!

DVD-R     &      DVD+R

( Or pay by Cheque/Postal Order by post - The twin pack will be sent  within 7 days, Just Print out this easy to use order form in word format )

For further information e-mail

Please post your Video tapes by recorded or special delivery only, alternatively we can arrange collection of your tapes from your home or office from anywhere within the UK*.

(*For our collection service your tapes should be wrapped and address in the normal way and should be ready for collection. A UK land line contact number is required to confirm your address and contact details before collection)
15-23 Tollcross Road
Parkhead Cross

G31 4UG

Please make cheques or postal orders payable to and add return postage (see part 2 of our order form) towards the return postage of your original video tapes.  Telephone us if you would like to arrange collection from your home or office on 0141 556 5358.


We transfer to and from all Camcorder, VHS & Overseas formats as standard to DVD or MiniDV:

  • All VHS formats (Ntsc/Secam/Pal)(inc French Secam-L)

  • All Camcorder Formats (Ntsc/Secam/Pal)

  • Hi8 Pal/Ntsc

  • Digital8 Pal/Ntsc

  • Mini DV Pal/Ntsc

  • MicroMV Pal/Ntsc

  • Betamax Pal/Ntsc

  • HDV Pal/Ntsc

  • U-matic Pal/Ntsc

  • All DVD Formats (any region or format)

  • Video-CD's

  • CD-Rom's avi/quicktime/realmedia/mpeg1/mpeg2/etc.

  • Also from All Cine formats* (8mm, Standard8, Super8, 9.5mm, 16mm, 35mm)

* For pricing cine film transfers onto DVD there is an additional charge of 10p per foot of film and can only be used with our premium custom DVD service. Visit  for full details on our cine transfer services.


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